Advancements in the technology and designing of various equipment has increased electricity consumption drastically. The growing population is another reason for increased electricity consumption. To enable future generations to utilize electricity, it is essential to conserve electricity right from now. Electricity saved today is the electricity produced tomorrow. This article presents some effective and easy to implement tips to save electricity.

* High wattage bulbs consume more power than lower wattage bulbs. Hence, to save energy, shift to CFL bulbs. For example, a 40-watt bulb uses 1 unit of power after 25 hours of usage. But a 10-watt CFL bulb can be used 100 hours with the same 1 unit of power.

* The same is case with fans. Use 50-watt fans instead of 75-watt fans.

* Whenever you are out of the room, remember to switch off the fans and lights.

* Conserve electricity by increasing the usage of sunlight. Keep the doors and windows open during the day. This will increase the light as well as improve the air flow.

* Air-conditioners should be switched-off within half an hour of leaving the place.

* Accumulation of dust over the lamps reduces the intensity of the light. This, in turn, forces you to use more lamps or higher wattage lamps for more light that consume more electricity. Hence, save electricity by keeping the lights clean.

* Mercury vapor lamps save energy compared to sodium vapor lamp.

* Escalators and elevators also consume more electricity. Save electricity as well as improve your health by using the steps instead of elevators.

* Increase the use of natural energy, i.e. solar energy. Encourage the installation of solar energy equipments in all construction, especially offices and other commercial places where electricity consumption is very high.

* Another tip to save electricity as well as your eyesight is reducing the extent of watching television. Make it a habit to switch off the main power supply to the television rather than using the remote to switch off the TV. Reducing the extent of watching television saves you from diseases such as obesity.

* A simple tip to save electricity is drying clothes in bright sun light rather than using electric dryers.

* Reduce the usage of electric cookers and ovens for cooking food. Consider using pressure cookers and natural pipe gas for cooking purposes to save electricity.

* Effective usage of the refrigerator is possible by avoiding frequent opening of the door and by defrosting the freezer regularly.

* Reduce the extent of water heater usage to the maximum extent by planning all your needs appropriately; i.e., all the family members should take baths in quick succession rather than taking long intervals.

* Another effective tip to save energy is planning all the work in the daytime. This will reduce the usage of light in the evening. So cultivate the habit of getting up early and going to bed early. This will also improve your health.

From the above discussion, it can be seen that to save electricity means to save health, money and even nature. Increased usage of electricity liberates more heat from the equipment. Hence, by reducing the electricity used, it is possible to reduce the amount of heat released into the atmosphere and save nature.